Mature and comprehensive solution

Liferay has a number of advantages that set it apart from the competition: Ease of modifications such as authentication mechanisms customization (SSO) The standardization of application model. Easy integration with different types of technology (Spring Portlet MVC, JSF, etc.) Low cost of implementation of the system, Scalability.

We are a fast growing brand

Our experience is supported by a number of projects that we have completed for various companies in the sectors of insurance, finance and banking.

We focus on quality solutions

Software supplied by us has a warranty, we also provide services for system maintenance and technical support.

About Us

Eagle-Soft is an IT brand which is specialized in creating dedicated enterprise software. Brand is created by few very experienced peoples which are experts in business inteligence, analysis, software architecture and software development. The main goal Our team is to fit different solutions to client needs.

Each of Us has years of experience in IT what guarantees high quality of Our services.

Our strength is:

  • Fair approach to customer
  • Reliable job analysis
  • Full commitment
  • Ability to make the right decisions


We always do the best we can in order to design solution that suits needs of customer. We care about relations with client and inside our team because people creates the brand and the quality.

We creates software based on Java solution what makes our product safe, efficient and modern.

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