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Newsletter portlet architecture


Newsletter portlet features:

  • Managing a number of different independent newsletters (topic sections)
  • Creating mail templates using freemarker language
  • Subscribers management
  • Importing subscribers from CSV
  • Scheduling newsletter sending
  • "Force send now" option that allows redactor to reschedule next sending time for "now"
  • Send a test message on user email address (currently logged in)
  • Preview sending history (simple statistics included)
  • Opportunitiy to unsubscribe from the newsletter (every email will contain a link through which the recipient will be able to unsubscribe from the newsletter)

In addition, we prepared integration with Asset Publisher, so that it is possible to dispatch periodic mailings such as sending information about articles published in the last 7 days the category X.


Application allows you to define independent newsletters - each with a separate group of saved users (subscribers), it makes possibilities to create mailings to people who signed up for a specific newsletter (topic).

Defining the newsletter You should configure:

  • Name of the newsletter
  • Optional description
  • The name of the sender on outgoing e-mails
  • E-mail address visible as the sender (be careful, this address must be acceptable to your mail server)
  • The beginning of the portal URL (automatically completed by the current, but can be changed)
  • Page (Liferay Layout) containing "confirmation" portlet - user will be redirected to this page by clicking activation link
  • Page (Liferay Layout) containing "unsubscribe"
  • Message template containing a welcome, including activation link (see defining message template)

To verify the configuration, you have the option to validate our newsletter:

Message templates

Aplication lets you add message templates that can be used as a template for developing specific mailing campaigns.

During adding / editing the newsletter can specify its title and content

The content is HTML code, which may include additional variables, such as $ {unsubscribeLink}, $ {confirmationLink} (link to unsubscribe and confirm user subscription).

For automated mailings, based on the asset publisher's content, it is possible to put a loop} $ {rsslist} containing information about the arrangement articles taken from the asset publisher's content through  RSS feed.



The administrator can check the list of subscribers of given newsletter or all newsletters. This gives you the opportunity to check when a user signed up for the newsletter and from what IP account was confirmed.

It is also possible to import subscribers from CSV file (eg. from Your current mailing system)


Campaign is the main object of the application - id decides about sending emails.

Adding/editing campaign You can configure multiple parameters:

  • Title
  • Sender name
  • Recipients can be configured from several sources:
    • It is possible to add comma seperated emails
    • It is possible to choice role - it this case campaign will be sent to all users with a given role/roles,
    • It is possible to choice category - in this case campaign will be sent to all users with a given gategory selected in "My account" -> "categorization"
    • It is possible to choice newsletter - the campaign will be sent to subscribers who are activated for the newsletter
    • You can select a user teams Liferay - it gives the ability to define users from registered users Liferay using the "Manage teams" in Liferay

After defining method of selecting recipients of the message You should  define - you can use a template and then edit the text in a editor.

If you choose automatic shipment, it gives you a possibility to fill the following fields:

  • Name of the page (Liferay Layout) containing the Asset Publisher Content with enabled RSS
  • Selection of specyfic asset publisher (only appears when there are more than one asset publishers on the page)
  • Frequency of shipments, for example, if you select "7", the newsletter will be sent every 7 days and contents will include only those items from the asset publisher, which have been published in the last 7 days. If the period of seven days was not any new articles in the RSS, the campaign will not be posted that day and the next attempt will occur for the next 7 days.

Additionally, you can choose the date and time of dispatch, and add attachments that can be sent in mailing.

Once you have defined the campaign, you can send a test message to any e-mail (the default address is substituted currently logged-person):

Campaign list

Campaing list allows You to choice some additional actions

You can check the history of shipments of automatic mailings.

The following example illustrates a situation in which only one time automatic mailing was sent, other days there wasn't new articles in a defined Asset Publisher.

Mailing personalization

In message body You can use some variables to personalize mailing. Variables You can add from editor toolbar  or inserting following text:

  • [user.firstName] - replaced by Liferay user first name
  • [user.lastName] - replaced by Liferay user last name
  • [user.emailAddress] - replaced by Liferay user email
  • [user.login] - replaced by Liferay user login


Hello [user.firstName] !


  1. Download portlet from marketplace
  2. Define new Newsletter
  3. Define welcome message template (Email templates)
  4. Add confirmation portlet on some page
  5. Validate newsletter


Application is available on marketplace

You can also download newest wersion directly from our repository.

Full version

The full version has the following additional features:

  • Shipping to more than 200 subscribers,
  • Message preview,
  • Support and bug fixes within 5 working days,
  • Possibility to order additional features,
  • Filtering on lazy loading pages (subscribers)


Newsletter Portlet Architecture Features Newsletter definition Message templates Subscribers Campaings Mailing personalization Installation ...


Portlet will be soon available. It is still under construction and as soon as it will be finished we will give it to Liferay community!

Callback form

Callback portlet has been designed and developed based on experiences of different users who want to have a highly customizable form with simple control panel that allows to manage new issues...