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What is Liferay?


Liferay is OpenSource corporate portal written in Java, based on LGPL license (called Community Edition). It has also Enterprise Edition with commercial license which pricing is individual based on customer.

Liferay if a internet platform with functionalities that are used in corporate intranet portals and extranet websites. It is full of functionalities that can be used during creating news portals or social websites and also during developing highly customized and specialized systems that integrates with others systems . Liferay has lot of tools that helps building and managing the site. One of this tools are:

  1. Content Management System,
  2. Theme – thoughtful solution that provides very fast and easy way of managing website look. Redactors can have a possibility to change look of whole portal or just one page without webdevelopers,
  3. Pages, pages templates – users with proper permissions can easily add new sites with filling all metadata that helps search engines to classify this page. Administrators can define page templates that can be used by other users during creating new page, this will provide consistency in the "look and feel" of service,
  4. Portlets – this is kind of gadget that users with proper permissions can add to page and configure. In this way every page can be built from different kind of portlets and adjusted to customer's needs. Liferay has lot of build in portlets , example: content management, content grouping and displaying, document libraries, forums, wiki pages, social modules, calendar,

Search engine – based on mature and respected solution Apache Lucene. Liferay can be integrated with Apache Solr server what makes that search functionality can be accessed by multiple instances of servers. Solr is used for example by Allegro. Other sites that use Solr for searching can be checked on site: http://wiki.apache.org/solr/PublicServers

Liferay was named as Leader in Gartner 2012 Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals. We can read in the report about Liferay's strength:

  • Liferay has accumulated an impressive track record of satisfied customers in challenging deployments. During the past several years, Liferay has moved into a more critical architectural role for larger organizations, with few complaints. The vendor has consistently enjoyed double-digit growth in terms of revenue, customers and employees.
  • Liferay Portal is a lightweight yet robust portal framework that has proven it can meet the modern requirements of external-facing and internal-facing scenarios. Customers report that ease of deployment, integration, flexibility and scalability are among its strongest attributes.
  • Liferay's open-source option provides a low-cost alternative for organizations that have the appropriate skill sets, cultures and goals.